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We here at Amako production are creating content on the unique and mysterious side of Japan. Starting with Japanese mythology.

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Japan has so many interesting things to see and experience, that sometimes you may miss the mysterious and simple things that have been around through generations. We at AMAKO will delve deep into the Japan that many people only have a vague idea about. We hope to immerse you into the Japan of the people living here in ancient times.

Japanese Mythology

In May 2019, the Emperor’s enthronement ceremony was held in Japan, and the 126th Emperor took the throne. The new Emperor is a descendant of the first Emperor, Jimmu, which was more than 2500 years ago. There were “3 sacred treasures” that were passed to the new emperor during the coronation ceremony, that attracted worldwide attention.
The Kojiki states that the ancestors of the Emperor are the gods that appeared in mythology, dating from the first Emperor Jimmu. The Emperor who originated from a time of fairy tale and legends continues to exist in modern Japan.

What is “Kojiki”

The Kojiki (The Record of Ancient Matters) is the oldest existing literature in Japan.
It was compiled by Oono Yasumaro and Hiedano Are, in 712 A.D. by the order of the Emperor. Apparently, the ‘Kojiki’ is based on the incredible memory of just one man, Hiedano Are.
According to the Kojiki, in the beginning of the universe there appeared various deities (kami) from the chaos. A male kami and a female kami appeared at the end and gave birth to the islands of Japan, the natural environment and also several more deities who became ancestors of the Japanese.
The ancient Japanese considered that all things of this world have their own spirituality, as they were born from the divine couple. Therefore the relationship and connection between the natural environment and the people was that of blood kin like the one between siblings.

The Three sacred treasures

These treasures which symbolize the person as emperor are Amulet, Mirror, and sword.
In Japan, the emperor does wear a crown, but instead, these three sacred treasures play the role to symbolize sovereignty of the monarch.
According to mythology, these treasures were handed over to the sun god Amaterasu Omikami to Ninigi, her grandson who descended into the human world from the heavenly realms, and Ninigi passed the treasures down to his descendant, Emperor Jinmu (660 BC), the first Emperor of Japan.

These 3 treasures, #1 The Amulet is said to be at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, #2 the mirror is at Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture, and #3 the sword is at Atsuta Shrine in Aichi Prefecture respectively. Replicas are used even when the throne is succeeded, the royal family has never seen the actual treasures. Even the replicas have not been shown.

The Stories

izanami and izanagi


Creation of Japan

The male and female decendants of the first kami that gave shape and form to nothingness, created the island of Japan and gave birth to al the nature Kami’s.

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Visit to the Underworld

After giving birth to the fire kami, the female Kami Izami died from her burns. Her consort Izanagi traveled to the underworld to rescue his wife.

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The Cave and the kami’s

The sun Kami, Amaterasu, hid herself in a cave because her younger brother, the storm kami Susanoo was destroying her realm.

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Defeating the Orochi

Susanoo gets banished from the realm of the gods and gets sent down to Ashihara kingdom. He saves a princess from an 8 headed dragon and becomes a hero.

Story Origin

white rabbit


The white rabbit of Ibana

The white rabbit of Ibana, tricked a shark and got itself skinned. But eventually recovered from the help of the kami, Ookuninushi.

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Forfeiting the Kingdom

Ookuninushi ruled the earthly realms of ancinet Japan, but ended up handing over the kingdom to Amaterasu.

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Kami’s Decent to Earthly Realms

Amaterasu’s descendants make their way down from the heavens to the earthen realms and bring with them the knowledge of rice planting.

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Mountain Kami and Sea Kami Brothers

The two brothers have a falling out, and the younger of the two goes to the sea kingdom but eventually reconciles with his brother the mountain kami.

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The First Emperors Pilgramage to Yamato

This story is the journey of Jimmu tenno from a kami to an emperor. He travels across Japan and finally settles in yamato, which is modern day Nara.

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Visit places related to the mythology that are scattered across Japan

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