Maidou! まいど!

That’s Kansai dialect for “G’day!”


Meet Nick, your guide

I’m delighted to welcome you to my corner of the internet. I’m ready to share my passion for motorcycles and take you on a voyage of discovery via the incredible culture and vistas on offer in my home – Japan, Motorcycle Paradise.

Nick in australia
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Hailing from the land Down Under, motorcycle touring has been my passion for over 35 years. From the moment I earned my license, my motorcycle has been my source of Zen. The twisting roads through the Adelaide Hills provided my first two-wheeled adventures. I unrolled my swag under the stars of the Southern Cross after riding endless highways across the expanse of The Outback. Heading to Australia’s Northern Territory as a newly minted “bush” pilot had me astride a dusty but trusty DT230, bouncing over the corrugations, washouts, and rutted tracks of Arnhemland.

Motorcycles had taken me to all corners of Australia, when my career brought me to Japan. I was well prepared for the big city life in my compact but modern apartment in Osaka.  But it was what I saw underneath me from my cockpit window, away from the big cities, that took my breath away!

Mountains, and oceans! Legend tells us that Japan was formed by the drops that fell from a spear, a spear dipped into the oceans by the gods Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto. Geologists tell us it was the great forces of the earth. Whichever you prefer, Japan was born from mountains rising from the sea. Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan, is one of twenty-one peaks rising above 3,000m. Vast fertile floodplains followed which became home to over one hundred million people.


Mountains equals mountain roads: switchbacks, sweepers, skylines, forest trails, there they are, everywhere! I got myself a Japanese bike license and began exploring that amazing landscape, touring north to south on my adventure bike, turning off main roads to explore abandoned villages on my enduro bike, carving up smooth blacktop that hugged the edges of sharp cliffs rising from the sea on a sports bike….

mt tsurugi

Now that more than 70,000km have rolled under my wheels here, I can truly tell you, that Japan is motorcycle adventure heaven. Ancient traditions, incredible food, the welcoming people proud of their unique culture, spectacular landscapes, elaborate shrines to mysterious kami かみ spirits, sleek modern architecture, all connected by smooth superhighways, scenic roads, and twisty forest trails, all the ingredients for your ultimate riding adventure.

Guiding intrepid riders through Japan’s winding mountain passes and serene coastal roads is what I look forward to every day. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking new horizons or a two-wheeled rookie about to embark on your first adventure, I’m here to be your guide. I will plan your route to match or challenge your riding style and your wider interests. I will deal with the language barrier. I will smooth the way when your West meets my East.  From mapping out the most thrilling routes to unveiling hidden gems known only to in-country enthusiasts, I’m dedicated to ensuring that your Japanese motorcycle journey transcends the ordinary.

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So, gear up and get ready to hit the road—Japanese style. The adventure of a lifetime awaits. What are you waiting for, ikimasho! Let’s go!